"For to become master of one's own house...

49 paragraphs there be to put man at one with his maker. As to what apparently escapes the eyes; seek and ye shall find..."

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spiritus Sanctus - My kind of Love


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In The Temple of The Holy Spirit

Prayer to The Divine Mother - God, The Holy Spirit

Touch your forehead with your right hand and say, "The Kingdom". Touch your chest and say "The Power". Touch your left shoulder and say "The Glory". Touch your right shoulder and say, "Amen". Then place your hands in the prayer position:

We Love Thee O' Mother
and Creaion of Heaven and Earth
Blessed be Thy Name
Manifesting Thy starry splendour
Love and Light
In Hecate, Venus, Isis bright
To be contented
With purpose, poise
In life and laughter
Divine noise
Blessed be all the people
Gods and man
Sight us them
When we are damned
Christ's Redeemers
Visions right
Deliver us from evil plight
We Hail Thee O' Spirit
Be Truth in Hades and hell
Peace be in Creation
Forgive us please of all our sins
Behold in us a light that wins
With morals true please find no fault
Be wisdom joy and treasure brought


Prayer to The Father - The Lord of The Flame

Make the sign of The Qabalistic Cross as above:

Our souls we seek
Dear Father true
Your flame brings light
Her heart in you
Dear Father from
The skies above
Descend on us
and bring us love
The Mothers son
A Father proud
Intelligent's right
My spirits shroud
We prey to you
Dear Father Please
Do lift us up
To be with ease
Do lift us up
To be with ease
We work to play
We work to please
We'll work with grit
But hear the plea's
Do Father give us
Sight to see
The light
The life
The right to be


Invocation of The Holy Spirit

Pu your arms above your head tips of the fingers touching each other as if making a large O above your head:

I invoke Thee O' Holy One
Shakti, Spirit, Ghost
Bring Down Thy Virtues in my mind
Beauty, Love and Hope
Bring down Thy Virtues in my hands
O' Holy Spirit, Ghost
I will love you honour and obey
and give you up a toast
I invoke Thee O' Holy One
In the Name of Goodness, Honour, Grace
Bestow on me Thy favour
and lighteth up my face
Provoke in me O' Holy One
and make my Mana true
By the way of Osiris, Pan and Lucifer
My hopes and dreams come through

Invocation of The Holy Guardian Angel

Put your arms up above your head making yourself a large Y:

Kings and Queens
Plain to see
Tis the reason
Invoking thee
My soul lends weight
My mind at ease
Bring down thy power
For you are me
I plead my case
I'll make my tree
I'll build my tower
and then I'm free
Shake hells own rafters
Stir Khunrath's sea
Will love
Bring laughter
Abide with me
House of Hecate
Home of Ra
Come down hither
Rain down hard
I speak with conscience
I hear, I see
A touch of lovers
My sense, is me
Tonight in spirit
Today in ease
With Gods own blessing
A sight to see
Abaroth Tadosar
Mote it be

Invocation of the masculine Christ soul

Cusp your hands over your heart:

I invoke thee Sun
Sun and son
The devil in your shade
My soul be true
If just for you
With Zen were truly made
I invoke thee son
Golden light
Gold now in my tower
I invoke thee son
Atman come
If we have to fight not cower

Invocation of The Warrior Spirit

Point your right arm directly out in front of you, fist clenched:

Wodan come
Wodon go
To war in sleat and snow
Wodan come
Wodan go
To interrupt the flow
Mars in here
To smite and stew
The work of blood and tears
Wodan come
Wodan go
To war with knives and spears
Have peace upon my soul Wodan
When your work is done
We live the life we have to live
We laugh and become One

Invocation of the feminine Venus soul (The Holy Ghost)

Cusp both of your hands over your heart:

I invoke thee Venus
Power of the evening light
Morning comes
Nightshade falls
Your Star is shining bright
I invoke thee Venus
Morning Star
Love and light thy power
Emotions pure
and sincere
I'm building up my tower
I invoke thee Venus
Glory be
Glory in The Highest
Rain down thy vision chaste and free
Where good do not deny us

Malkuth, Tiphereth, Geburah, Chesed and Kether - The Flaming Sword - Liberation